Friday, February 19, 2010

T-Shirt Philosophies

    T-shirts have taken 1st place for the ultimate comfort clothes, right up there with jeans and flip flops. With so many colors and styles of these shirts that have become a part of our world of clothing, what better place to advertise your thoughts and feelings? After all there are no buttons, or collars, or trim to obstruct the blank slate on the front and back of the T. Splattered right there before yours and your children's eyes are a plethora of words and pictures that could make Dr. Ruth blush (souvenir shops at the beach?). But, I have to say, many have made me laugh out loud, like, "I have gone to find myself, if I get back before I return, keep me here". (It makes it more funny when you can relate.) I don't think a t-shirt has ever made me cry, unless "The Dash" poem has ever been printed on one.                                 

    To me, t-shirts are removable tattoos. They carry on them the values, mentality, and philosophies of the wearer. My sister has always told me about the Asian tattoo artist that answered when asked why people chose certain things to brand on their body and he said, "Tattoo on mind before tattoo on body". I also believe tattoo on mind before tattoo on t-shirt is true as well. Listen, I've had t-shirts tell me off, insult me, intimidate me, and confuse me. But usually it lets me know what the person underneath it is all about!

    Why do we want to wear something that reveals an outside expression that comes from our insides? I guess a psychologist would say that it was a passive-aggressive thing. We want people to know how we feel about certain issues without having to say it or act it out. Sorta like a snake that coils itself for a strike or a cat that hisses and bows its' back or a dog that growls and shows its' teeth, the shirt is letting us know what will happen if we stare at it any longer. I'm nervous around some t-shirts because of that very fact.

    I don't need to know that you are the world's greatest resource of natural gas, or that your wife's other car is a broom, or that you're with stupid. But that's how people express themselves, in all kinds of articulate ways. Just by walking past someone and reading their shirt lets me in on their take on certain topics, what hobbies they are into and what causes they support.

I have a few ideas of what the t-shirts of my life would say:
Passionate People Persuade Passive People
Decisions Determine Destiny
Nobody Can Stop Me - But Me
Half-Truth is a Whole Lie
Blessed are the Flexible for They Shall Never be Bent Out of Shape
Don't Abort Character Births
It's Not All About Us

    These are only a few of my philosophies. I know that we all have our own that we live by everyday, they just don't show up across our chest. But, if you did have to wear yours everyday, what would yours say? What kind of t-shirt saying would yours be? Would it encourage someone? Would it be borderline crude? Would it humorous? Would it have self-explanatory pictures? What are your insides saying on the outside?

    How do you want people to read your life? We have a front and a back of a t-shirt with potential to make an impact on someone else. T-shirts speak louder than words! Allow others an opportunity to read your message and don't just wear it, believe it!

    I have personal philosophies about the newer clothing trends where boxer shorts have thoughts expressed across the tushy...what do we call those?...'butt philosophies'? or 'sayings from the backside'?  First of all, I don't want my eyes drawn to the billboard of your butt. I don't want to read what your mind wants to say on your butt. If you are bootylicious, do you need to let that secret out? Does your behind have to be the one to tell me that you are? Ending point? Your boastful booty now has to back up your claim. We'll see, booty, we'll see, because 'it all comes out in the end'.

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