Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Don't Think Skinny

    Don't you just love the people (mainly women) who say, "I forgot to eat today."? My response...blink, blink, "what?". I've never forgotten to eat. This is fellowship time...with my food. Some of my best friends are foods.

    The people that say words like that are...are...well...skinny. If you are thinking, "they don't prioritize", I agree with you. Eating, for me, takes priority up there with prayer time and Word study. It's one of the basic 3's of my day.

    You see, I'm not hypoglycemic or diabetic, but I can't think if my stomach is putting on  a full-fledged production of "Feed Me" from the Little Shop of Horrors. I want to quieten it so I can focus on other things, like what I'm going to eat for my snack.

    Listen, if you are a fun food eater my advise is to not take a skinny person to lunch with you. They are not fun or a food eater come to think of it. They don't enjoy discussing the taste and texture and the spices and the ingredients (unless they are a foodie, my sister is a skinny foodie, so she is fun to discuss food with). No, skinny eaters push their food around on their plates, talk about other things, and to dampen my mood-lifting experience, they don't finish all of their food, again I say,"what?". Whatzamatter-u, eh?

    Food is fun to include in all types of situations, office parties, family festivities, vacations. Skinny people are not. They're always saying, "Oh no, I couldn't eat anymore". Their brownie has one bite out of it. For shame! They are like the Grand Marshall of the Party Pooper Parade! Eat for goodness sake! Don't be so in tune with your 'I'm full alarm'. Geesh.

    Food knows my number and calls me on frequent occasions, from the kitchen it says, "Hey girl, come up and see me sometime", except without the Mae West voice. I know, I know, food is amoral. It has no morals on its' own. It's what I do with it that makes it what it is. It's a cool and kooky friend, we're like Thelma and Louise together. We do get in a lot of trouble. But, in all honestly, I couldn't live without it. Literally.

    God made food first even before he made humans. Priorities? Oh yeah, me thinks it! He made the garden and put man in it to eat it, I mean, to keep it. Food got Eve into trouble. The snake was calling her, like my kitchen does me and whoosh, Thelma and Louise went off the cliff. Maybe there is a lesson to learn here, talking snakes and kitchens will send you careening over the edge in a convertible...or something like that.  Yummy, Yummy, Yummy I got love in my tummy!

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