Saturday, April 3, 2010

"One Heartbeat"

   Can you hear creation mourn? All is dark and earth is torn.
   For the "Unto You Is Born This Day" has been cut down and tombed away.

   What has happened? It all looks grim.
   The Brightest Of All Lights has now been dimmed.

   Sobs and cries of disbelief of what took place in great defeat.
   What was told, and promises made, lay undone and hope does fade.

    Darkness presides now, for three long days.
    Abandonment is felt and confusion breathes a haze.

   Where is the Heartbeat that promised Life?
   Why was it stilled? Why all the strife?

   How could this Presence be all wrong?
  When Goodness and Mercy were the Song,

   The Song that was sung to listening ears,
   Now, look what is left, but surroundings of fear.

   There's nothing to see here anymore,
   Go back to old things, that were before.

   All is gone, all is hopeless,
   The soul will return to its state of distress.

   No use...Give up...Don't try...Let go...

   ...A Pulsating Sound has begun to beat,
   The "Just As He Said" came through complete!

   The Heart once flat-lined is beating again,
   What does this mean, but that torn earth will now mend!

   It's not as was thought! There's no more bleak!
   The "Word That Was Made Flesh", wise ones will seek!

   For now Life lives and Love now forgives,
   Solace is here and numbness now feels!

   Come creation and mourn no more,
   There's a Great Gift that wasn't before!

   A Heartbeat was given and its blood drained away,
   Courtesy of "The Ancient Of Days".

   This was all done as an Ultimate Plan,
   to give One Heartbeat...and get back all of man!

   This is the Heartbeat of Easter...Be Blessed...Jeanna

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