Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Mother Told Me to Pick the Very Best One and You Are It

   So now the problem begins...what is 'the very best one'? I have my definition of 'the very best one', I'm sure you do too. We all have our own definition of 'the very best one', mine is: it's the very best of the choices. Oh, so we agree on that one. But, I bet what we wouldn't agree on is each others definition of 'best'. What I call best, may not be what you call best. Some 'Top Chefs' would call cow tongue or calf brains 'the best' when it comes to beef parts, no, not this girl...'the best' beef parts are roast beef and steak! See, to me this is an obvious choice, but as I live longer I understand that people have their own thoughts on choosing their choices and are adamant about them. So adamant in fact, that there could be opportunity to offend many with the airing of those choices on diverse topics...all without saying a word, that's right, we're talking actions.

   "I can't hear what you're saying...what you're doing is talking too loud"...that's a modern take on "actions speak louder than words". I have to ask myself continually, do I contradict myself? Do I oppose myself? Or go against myself? In front of others, am I living what I believe to be 'the best'? I try to the best of my ability every day to choose 'the very best one', but you know what? someone else might define it as 'not the very best one'.  They may think that the way I do kingdom business or live my faith out loud is not godly. That's because they have their very own O's.

   My grandmother taught my mother and she taught me..."Pretty is as pretty does". You can replace the word pretty with any word and it still is the's what we do that makes us who. What we choose makes us who. The phrase this generation loves to use is, "don't judge me". Just because I call a big pink elephant in your living room, a big pink elephant in your living room, does not mean I'm judging. I'm judging if I make a declaration that you are going to die a sinful and shameful death and go to hell because of the pink elephant in your living room, like a judge would say you will pay for this decision you have made. No, calling a snake a snake is not judging, no more than stating what car you drive is what car you drive, there's no decree attached to it. So with that said, it's time to play..."Let's Make a Choice"...

   Let's sing the opening song. One of these thing just doesn't belong of these things is not the same...tell me which thing doesn't belong here...come on now it's time to play our's time to play our game (thanks Sesame Street). Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "Let's Make a Choice", where "I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, you choose" (Deuteronomy 30:19). But remember the guidelines as you choose..."what fellowship does light have with darkness?" (II Corinthians 6:14). Ready to play? Here we have before you things that go together and things that do not...choose the ones that do go together,they are in no particular order, you have 10 seconds, go!

 Horoscopes and Christianity
Twilight vampires and Christianity
Nude-y-ness and Christianity
Bootylicious and Christianity
Bleep bleep bleep and Christianity
Convenient living arrangements and Christianity 
Taking o.p.p. (other people's property) and Christianity
Sippin' with the saints and Christianity

   The Word of Faith message has had a huge falling away in the past few years due to the fact that people have confessed scriptures and made faith confessions and tried to 'name it and claim it' and give their money to move God's hand and stand and believe, and believe and stand. And when the thing they were believing for did not show up they fell away discouraged and angry that God did not do His part. When in reality they should have been playing "Let's Make a Choice" and getting rid of the big pink elephant in their living room and bringing in blue-ribbon sheep instead.

   Blue-ribbon sheep are 'the very best ones'. Good choices. That bring good things into fruition. So I have before me some choices to make that should flow with my belief system and shouldn't contradict with what I'm saying from what I'm doing. When others see me live in front of them, they should see before them 'the very best one and I am it'. Mother would be proud.

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