Saturday, March 13, 2010

Burning The Midnight Oil

   With us living in a "green" world, burning anything at midnight is an environmental no-no. In the last several years eco-activists have tried to enlighten us on the perils of doing anything useless or harmful to the earth and its atmosphere. So, oil wastage would get you a good ole' sit-in or protest from the moonbats...all 8 of them.  But, corporations and industries are now also joining forces with what used to be a hippie thing, they're really moving to the extreme left with this one.

   Words like 'renewable', 'sustainable', and 'earth-friendly' are the buzz words for the 21st century. Green house effect, global warming, and unrenewable resources have us all feeling a little desperate to be more responsible keepers of the earth. So much to the point we go wayyyy overboard. I call it "The Teeter-Totter Effect" (more on that on another blog).

    We hear, "Save the whales", "Save the fur", "Save the birds, save the bees, save the flowers, save the trees"! Speaking of trees...have you watched the video on You-Tube of the people crying and apologizing to the trees for our misuse of them? One person even screamed out in mourning because of the trees deaths. This is my O...but I thought God made the trees so we (the people) could use their resources for our benefit. I might need to whisper that or I might get sued by the attorney that just filed a 3.9 million dollar lawsuit against Chrysler for using animal names to name their vehicles. He thinks that if the car does not deliver what it implies that it should by using the animals name, like a majestic ram, that it would ruin the reputation of the ram. The money, if awarded, 40% would go the the lawyers and the rest to a foundation where animals could be left alone. How much does leaving an animal alone cost these days?

   God made the earth in a way that it would supply for us (the people) all the things He knew we would need in order to invent things to help us live more productive lives. Wood, paper, leather, gasoline, coffee, wheat, cocoa, all of these things are for our usage. Again...I might need to whisper this. I don't ever want to live crosswise with my fellowman but I'm afraid I might be an environmental hypocrite. I USE things.

   Natural resources is another 'green' word being used a lot today. Natural resources must be carefully managed to avoid over-usage so the world can replenish them at the rate they are being used, if not faster. The world's greatest natural resource is PEOPLE. Now, we need to decide if people are a renewable or unrenewable resource. It is true... over here, over there, people, people everywhere. So you might say that they are renewable, because of the birth rate, people are being born into the earth every second. But, just as fast as they are being birthed, they are also dying. So that brings us to the unrenewable aspect of people.

   Even though there are people everywhere, they are given one spirit at conception that is uniquely their own. There will not be another one like it, ever, that will be planted into a human body. When that person dies their earthsuit stays but their spirit leaves, never to be here again. So we can say that THAT person is unrenewable. Each are individual, each are valuable, each are divinely made with a purpose. Did you realize even with cloning, God would be obligated to place a spirit into that person even if they were made in a test tube?

   Now that we have established people to be unrenewable, what are some other things that we don't get back? Time...sleep...anything else? Well, to me time or sleep does not even matter in comparison to the wasting of people. My whole life should be for people, since they are everywhere, yet, in my past, people have been the least of my concern. I have fought for things, more than the people that the things were given for. I have stood up for what was right and ran over the people the rights were for. I don't want to be a humanity hypocrite! I don't want to be accused of wasting people. I don't get them back.

   The saying 'burning the midnight oil' implies that you were up wasting sleep accomplishing something that you could have done during daylight hours but now you're burning your resource of oil to finish. Like the foolish virgins in Matthew 25. They wasted their oil so when the bridegroom showed up they got left out. The song from the movie "Funny Girl", "People" states that 'people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world'. In other words, people who love people, and give of themselves, and don't waste people, are the most blessed people you'll ever encounter.

   So when you're asked by the environmentally-aware to buy a certain type of light bulb, or low VOC paint, or take only pictures and leave only footprints...and compost your garbage, and recycle your plastic and paper, and walk or bike instead of fly your jet, or hug your tree, or wear fake fur, or eat only vegetables... go ahead and do what convicts you. But, I say to you with great passion and zeal..."one chance...don't waste them".

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