Friday, January 13, 2012

I Opted Out

            What did it mean when I said yes to Christianity?

     Did it mean I'm free to say "Hallelujah" and "Pass the margaritas" in the same sentence? Yes, it does.
           But, I opted out.

     Am I allowed to post scriptures on my Facebook wall and then pay money for tickets and attend a comedy show that the language would melt the jewelry off my body? Yes!
          But, I opted out.

     In order to be thrifty and save a buck (practicing my stewardship in this economy) is it okay to stay in and watch all the crude nude-y booty movies I can for the evening? Sure thing!
           But, I opted out.

          So, basically, saying yes to Christianity means I have freedom to choose what I want. Right?

      I can chew a plug and spit.
      I can sip a little bit.
      I can cover my behind and lie.
      I can tell someone I hope they die.
      I can bark at you.
      I can sing catchy songs about hedonism, as long as it has a
                                                       good beat I can dance to.
      I can become best friends with a slot machine.
      But, what does saying yes to Christianity really mean?

      I'm free to hate on you.
          I'm free to key the car parked too close to me.
              I'm free to take office supplies from my workplace.
                  I'm free to be jealous of the attention your kids get and charge up my credit cards so mine 
                                                    will be well supplied and popular and in the clique, like yours are.
                      I'm free to fudge on my taxes if it suits the situation.

             I'm free....I'm free...Jesus made me free. That's right, honey. 

     One thing I know for sure, Grace comes with the Christianity deal. That means when I choose to do one or all of the above mentioned, Grace turns its' head the other way as if I didn't do it and says, "All is well with Thee and Thine, try to do better the next time." Ummmm.....NOT!

            Is that what it means to say yes to Christianity?

     What does it mean then? Opting means opting out.

     When my debt has been paid and I am free from clauses and stipulations, rules and regulations. I can tell satan & company, that wants me to stay under their iron clad contract, that I AM FREE TO OPT OUT...I am opting out!

     Where I exercise my freedom and use my gift of Grace is when I use its' ability to help me to NOT do the stuff that keeps me bound in the Law of Sin & Death. Freedom & Grace helps me to OPT OUT!

     Every time I opt out on a deal that will keep me a "free agent", I sing the song "I'm Coming out" by Diana Ross, but I changed the words to "I'm opting out...I want the world to to let it show". I do that because its got a good beat to dance to.

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