Friday, January 7, 2011

This Year I Will Get Back in Whack

     You know it when you're out of whack. Everything is out of order from your laundry to your spine. It's not obvious to others, but you see the lack of whack literally in every part of your life. Right?! No? .....I keep forgetting that I am the only whacked species of my kind. I have to remind myself that everyone else on this planets' lives and homes look like magazine covers.

     I could be on the cover of Disorder Weekly or Fashionably Disarrayed. But there are no such magazines, are there? "Why is that?", I ask...I answer myself..."Because no one wants to see my chaos". If I were a hoarder, somebody would want to see that, but I'm not a hoarder, or a piler, or a stacker, or a collector of stuff. I'm actually a minimalist. Less is quite more, to me.

     So what's all this talk about a disheveled life? It's my perception. It's how I view my surroundings. Here is the best comparison I can use: it's like the anorexic saying they are fat and obviously they are not. So it is with me, no one can convince me that the contents of my house is not growing in shape and size exponentially right now even as I blog.

     Okay! I put a lot of emphasis on neatness. But if you looked closely you would not see neatness AT ALL. There are unpainted shutters and unpainted toenails. There are unassigned items that need an assignment. There are socks without their mates, drawers with useless doodads. Videos not put on DVD's, undeveloped disposable cameras waiting at least 4 years to be developed because we've had our digital camera for 4 years. I agonize because I am not organized!!

     Who told me I needed to agonize? Right Jeanna, ME! Me told me that I needed to agonize over my lack of whack. Eureka! I've discovered something very crucial. I listen to me way to much. I put a lot of undue pressure on me. Unnecessary laws...this has to be this way...I need this done by...I don't feel I've accomplished a lot today...the garage needs an intervention. 

     My goal for 2011 is simple and minimal, like me. Find the whack, lure it to my house and put it to work. By the end of this year you just might see me on the cover of  In Whack...And Loving It!

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