Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seriously, It's No Big Deal

     No truer words have been spoken. This blogging thing has been an eye-opener for this chick.

     What these peepers have seen is a lot of smoozing. "I'll link your blog if you link my blog." "Why are you at this blogging convention...you're not in the Who's Who of the blogging world?" "Ohhhh...I'm going on vacay...will you guest blog for moi? I'll return the favor when you go on vacay!"

     Another sight I have beheld is, bloggers with 5,324 followers and 716 comments on sweet photos of family and pets and all they blogged was a recount of the day that just passed. Naps and playtime and walking the dog in the park. I got the wrong blogging information packet.     

     This clues me in that my blog, itsmyo, is seriously no big deal. I don't have any pictures on it, except one of me. I have lots and lots of words.

     I have been told by the popularity blogging analysts that I must do the hokey-pokey perfectly to have a reader following.

     Anyone even READ my blogs? They are NOT full of photos with captions like: See Jeanna craft. See Jeanna bake. See Jeanna and her friends toast each other. Nonononono. They are VERY wordy.

     I was told that there are different types of blogging. You, Jeanna, have NOT found your target readers for your type of blogs!

     When I began, all I knew was I loved the written word and I loved the truth to be spoken. I valued principles and how you could apply them everyday in a practical way. Goofy me thought there were others just like me. They must ALL be on vacay!

    I have been tempted to go with a lighter blogging approach and upload tons of pics of my everyday musings and post every whimsical thought that passes my children lips and involve lots of color and eye-candy. But I realize...that is not my calling.

     To be a wildly popular blogging phenom with a reader following up in the thousands would be ideal and exciting. I would love to be so popularly read that the search engines directs everyone to my blog when they search topics, but I don't hokey-pokey enough for that to happen, nor do I swear & curse, nor am I liberal, nor do I swoon over Hollywood and their morals, nor do I dog men, nor do I spread hate language, and nor do I write incessantly about the color pink.

     Face it, Jeanna. You write about words and their significance and their influence and their importance to humans when they're applied to the spirit. They're a check of reality for the lives lived in denial. They have a pulse to help life when it gets stuck. In these words I write there are thoughts provoked to aide where you keep falling down. They point out, they show, they clarify.

     Do people even want to read that kind of stuff...or do they really need an ooo-wee picture of a tiny cutesy-poopsey puppy that just joined the family and asks the readers to cast ballots to name it? Do people want to be encouraged in their daily struggles and shown where to get help or do they need a photo posted of me in my swimsuit showing my parts for strangers to ogle? Idk. I'm asking.

     If you read this to the end, would you acknowledge that you did by simply typing 'read it' in the comment box? If you don't comment then I'll know that you did not read it and don't care to read it and that I don't need to quit my day job.

Jeanna, the Wordy Blogger






  1. Read it! We are truly kindred spirits and on the same page! Love ya!

  2. Well, you pulled me in with the first sentence. I don't get it. I don't understand what's so appealing about endless vacation pictures, pictures of a stranger's kids playing in the sprinkler, and I don't want to name somebody's puppy. I'm a home decor and junking blogger. I also lean to wordiness. I have to check myself and try not to talk too much, but since I don't like seeing 20 different angles of the same vignette, I don't do that. And yet..... Oh, well.

    I've not blogged regularly in awhile, haven't been able to cruise the blogs I follow because of a slow ISP, and lost my followers when Google decided since I was an "outsider" and didn't use Blogger I would no longer show up on my followers' lists. It's so frustrating, but I still have dreams of being Pioneer Woman. LOL And the slow internet has been corrected, so here I am.


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