Saturday, August 14, 2010

W.W.J.B. - What Would Jesus Blog?

     If Jesus were a blogger what type of blogs would He write? What would He post to His followers? Considering that there are only a few basic types of blogging, I really don't see Him writing about travel or journaling about fashion. But, I could see Him making Himself heard along the subjects of culture and lifestyles. He really would get into the 'how-to' tutorial type blogs even maybe do a few collaborative blogs here and there with other fellow publishers. But the type of blogs I could really see Him doing would be the personal blog. Yeah...don't you think?

     The word blog came from the word web log which is a diary of sorts typed out and sent into the blogosphere by various bloggers all with the intent of getting our voices and ideals out to our followers and gaining momentum day by day as new followers catch the passion with which we non-formal authors all try to exude and urge them to join in on our web of interconnecting as only the internet can do. What did I just say?! I think it was: we write about what we are passionate about and try to get others passionate about it too. Yep, that's what I said.

     There are bloggers that write about nothing but the color turquoise, or their kids, or their journey to lose weight, or about trends, or self-help information like where to get coupons and discounts or about the hobby of scrapbooking. It's all out there. I really look at myself as an encourager blogger. In everything I write I desire to be a bellow that blows dying flames or help pull someone out of their mudhole or give directions when someone keeps going around the same dumb mountain and wants to take another route. I'm willing to be the one that will say, "stop, danger ahead!" and "there's a better way" and "you and God need to talk".

      In essence, Jesus is blogging every time anyone blogs in His name, using His principles, the Kingdom principles. Matthew 4 says that Jesus "picked up where John the Baptist left off" saying: "Change your life. God's Kingdom is here." He went all over and used synagogues for meeting places and taught people the truth of God. God's Kingdom was His theme. The theme explained is this: beginning right now (as soon as you get into the kingdom) you are under God's government, a good government! He also healed people of their diseases and of the bad effects of their bad lives. Word got around the areas and people brought anybody with any ailments, whether mental, emotional, or physical and Jesus healed them, one and all. More and more people came, the momentum gathering followers, day by day. Much like the concept behind blogging.

     So I suppose that that is exactly what Jesus would blog. The truth. The kingdom. The truth concerning the kingdom, and all the intricacies that are intertwined with telling the truth about the kingdom and the way He runs it. His blog would probably be named something like..."If The Truth Be Told" or "Truth or Consequences" or "From Here to Kingdom Come". What ever its name, He would be radical and outspoken, current and edgy, honest and informative, but most of all forgiving and loving as He directed us in the ways of 'living the life befitting a follower'. Why? Because He is passionate about people and life. He loves to instruct and encourage, reveal and uplift.

     Bloggers want to know that what they are writing is providing what their reader needs or if what they are sharing is beneficial, that is why there are comment sections at the bottom of each post.They also want to know who is following the post, so there is a place to join with the other followers on each blog page. We all know that the number of followers signed up are not always the amount of people that actually read our blogs. There are numerous amounts that read this one, they just have chosen not to become a follower. Just like there are a whole lot of people that have read the Bible but never became a follower.

     I think even that some of the ones that have signed up to be a follower, don't on a steady occasion follow. Some are very devoted, others are more sporadic. If the fancy strikes. Much like the trends of Christiandom.
I'm not looking for a following for me. If I was, I would journal about repurposing household items, or maybe horses, I love horses. I used to show Quarter horses. Or I would write about raising grandchildren or stepchildren, or homeschooling. Something like that, but, I feel that the words I have to speak into cyberspace need to have a focus, a power, that will change the very lives that read them. That's why I blog.

     So, now I have another question to ask you...W. W. J. T. - What Would Jesus Tweet?

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