Monday, January 18, 2010

Live Your Best Life

I was telling my sister the other day about how many people, during the holidays, had asked me how to make bread dough ornaments. Of course I was delighted to tell them because I love helping others doing useful and creative things. I was really taken back at how many I had inspired to share dough ornament making with others. One friend got her whole family together and they shaped, baked, and painted for 14 hours one Saturday! She brought the ornaments the next night to life group and I was squealing with excitement over the amazing designs they had come up with. Another wanted to have her class at school make these for a craft, and another wanted to teach her children how to make these. Another had made them before, but hadn't done it in a long time and wanted to make a Christmas craft to give as gifts. I felt like I had helped the craft fairy spread her ideals of fun and togetherness for the holidays.

As I thought about why it was so easy to share this idea with others and why many had talked to me about it, I realized that I enjoyed it, I got great satisfaction from it, and I had successful results. That's how we all do when sharing something that gets us pumped. We get descriptive and animated. We talk fast so as to get it all said. We smile, we even show pictures on our cell phones. I realized that I also made it sound intriguing which made others curious to try it.

At the same time it became clear to me that, as a Christian, I should be just as psyched to tell others about what God did for me that day, or how a prayer was answered last week, or remind someone that He's still in the healing business or that His presence is still worth getting into.

Just like I had inspired some to take the time and make the effort to begin a new tradition or revive an old one with dough ornaments being the results. I want to inspire others to live their best life with the results being way beyond bread dough!

In order for you to live your best life there will be choices concerning your inner life. Choices will dictate your behavior and your behavior will launch your destiny. What decisions have you made concerning 2010? Fill in the blank: This is the year that I will ______________________________.
Will you be a better you because of it? What needs to be simplified? Organized? Let go of? Not put off any longer? I don't want to be another year older and not any closer to my best me.

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